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Baler Strap

Sizes Available Applications 
9mm Cardboard box recycling
12mm Paper and plastic recycling
16mm General compacted waste
19mm Rubber tyre bailing

Baler strap compressed baled waste securely. Also, you can use heavy duty polyester yarn with hot melt glue. Moreover, this material is available in various widths and breaking strains. A special core diameter ensures it suits all equipment manufactured by leading bale press and waste compactor machinery companies. Furthermore, straps can be secured by either manually tying or with a heavy duty metal buckle. Thus, this situation allows the bale strap to be re-tensioned in the event of settlement within the pack.

Bale press machine brands work exceptionally well with baller twines due to the special core size suitable for leading. Also, the twine is rot and mildew resistant. Moreover, once compared to steel strapping we find a similar tensile strength. Hence, this is due to its flexibility properties and ease of use. 

On another level, it has excellent shock absorbency and can be re-tensioned. It is customisable and has excellent weather resistant properties.