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Mail Tuff Bags

High Strength Mailing Bags
  • mail tuff bags


When you need heavy, ultra-light mail shipping protection, use Mail Tuff. The ultralight and weather resistant Mail Tuff mailers principal component is polyethene. Also, the envelopes are opaque for maximum confidentiality and have a secure, inviolable self-seal flap, which you can rely on to avoid bursting, even when overfilled. The co-extruded three-layer waterproof construction of Mail Tuff envelopes, combined with strong welded seams, protects your product under whatever the weather or climatic conditions.

Moreover, they’re lighter than paper equivalents. Hence, it makes these Mail Tuff envelopes have the padded envelope to keep the contents secure and shipping costs low when shipped abroad. All sizes are available, that means the sooner you order, the sooner you’ll get them.

100% Polyethene

High protection against the weather

Quality Bubble Liner

Insulation and protection from damage


  • Reinforced welded seams provide durable protection.
  • Only write the address with a pen or attach a label.
  • The self-protective strip is tamper-proof to prevent unauthorised opening.
  • Extra light – saves the postage.
  • Reduce stock since one dimension can suit different goods.
  • Highly puncture and tear resistant.
  • Lighter than paper to minimise shipping costs.
mail tuff bags