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TLX2 Cargo Cover

Gives short-wave solar radiation protection to temperature sensitive goods when exposed to direct sunlight conditions.

The entire product can be recycled, is breathable and waterproof allowing the exchange of air and water vapour through the material, this helps the internal moisture levels within the pallet not to reach harmful levels. This technology is combined with a brilliant white outer skin which reflects the greatest amount of the visible spectrum solar radiation possible, one of the most important factors responsible for temperature excursions during transportation.


TLX2 Cargo Covers provide excellent protection against:

  • Temperature excursions by protecting your products from solar radiation and extreme ambient temperatures, The brilliant white surface is the most effective solution against direct sunlight conditions.
  • Prevents damage caused by rain, snow and insects.
  • Harmful gases and vapours, condensation damage. TLX2 is breathable and waterproof, it allows gases and vapours to pass through the product removing the risk of condensation and other hazards inside the pallet.
  • Theft or tampering by offering an effective first defence to your shipments.


  • Recyclable: TLX2 can be recycled, simply store and take to your local recycling centre.
  • Stops temperature excursions on the tarmac.
  • Protects your goods from temperature excursions, theft, rain, snow, frost, humidity
  • Easy to use 1mm thick lightweight breathable covers install or remove quickly and easily

DOWNLOAD: TLX 2 Product Data Sheet