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GL 1000

Automatic pallet stretchwrapper with powered conveyor.

Cyklop GL 1000 Pallet Wrapper


GL 1000 is able to fulfill the highest demands regarding capacity, adaptability from customer to customer and is easy to serve and economical. GL 1000 will become the perfect fully automatic, technical advanced wrapping station in your packaging line.

The GL 1000 is equipped with Cyklop´s patented with adjustable prestretch system  in eight steps up to 400%. With a programmable operating system the turn-and-lift speed, the amount of film, the wrap tension etc. can be adjusted so that it is applicable to a large variety of loads to meet your precise requirements. The complete cutting unit is designed with performance and durability in mind.

Color touch panel with graphic overview of sensor status for easy troubleshooting.

Advantages of GL 1000

  • Building measures – saves space
  • Mechanics – easy to serve
  • Constant prestretch adjustable in 7 steps – guarantees film
  • Automatic change of film tension to fit varying types of goods
    and different film types
  • Optional cutting height – high capacity and low film consumption
  • Pre-stretch unit design – easy to change film roll
  • Easy to handle – operating panel with digital display
  • Design

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Prestretch: Up to 400% with Power Echo Stretch

Pre Stretch Machine Roll on a Pallet Wrapper

Pre-stretch EcoStretch

The stretch unit prestretches the film between two rollers rotating at different speeds through a mechanical connection, the exit roller being power assisted.

The exchange between the rollers is constant with stretch ratios in 7 steps between 60 and 300%. The choice of stretch grade depends upon the charac- teristics of the film, the sort of loads and the speed of the turntable.
The Cyklop stretch unit has become a success. With the help of an advanced electronic system, we can maintain a constant wrap tension between unit and pallets, regardless of the size and form of the pallets.

The film tension is chosen to fit the goods to be wrapped. This tension will change automatically if another film type is used. A low wrap tension is applicable to light and delicate loads while a high wrap tension is necessary for heavy, dense loads.

The unit is specially designed for easy and quick change of film.

Functionality of Cyklop Pallet Wrapper
Cyklop GL 1000 Diagram


Pallet throughputUp to 70 units/h
Load heightMax. 2500 mm; max. 2400 mm if a hold-down device is used
Rotary plate diameter1800mm
Rotary plate speedFrequency-controlled up to 22 rpm Soft start and soft run-down
Perm. load weightMax. 1500 kg
New! Color touch panel with easy troubleshootingThe graphic interface was developed for simple change of the program parameters as well as for easy access of information. Graphic overview of sensor status
Wrapping programs
  • Spiral wrap with preselected film overlap
  • Up and down
  • Only up with film separation at top
  • Number of bottom and top layers selectable
Machine weightApprox. 1,200 kg
Prestretch ratio on the  unit60-400% Pre-stretch, adjusts on the touch display and the prestretch unit
Operating temperature5°C (40°F) to 35°C (95°F)
Stretch filmAll Cyklop machines can handle film thicknesses 9-35 microns in both blown and cast qualities, pre-stretched or regular. Please note that the best package quality and lowest cost per pallet will always be obtained by using high quality films regardless of the film thickness.

Film width: 500 mm
Diameter: max. 250 mm
Core diameter: 76 mm

Operating voltage3/N-, 50 Hz, 230/400 V
Control voltage24 V
Power input2,5 kVA
Air consumptionApprox. 8 NL/pallet, with 6 bar 3/8″ supply

3 Year. Unlimited cycles.
All components covered.