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GL 2000

For fully automatic in-line stretch wrapping

GL 2000 Cyklop Pallet Wrapper


The GL 2000 is an advanced ring wrapper for wrapping pallets with stretch film.

Special customer benefit:

  • Compact, clearly arranged design
  • High machine capacity due to servo drive
  • Variable speeds for the rotary movement and ring travel
  • Flexible – handles various pallet widths
  • Minimal servicing – no open slip rings
  • High protection class – IP 54, insensitive to dust and moisture
  • Precise, reproducible stretch-wrap parameters with Cyklop-Power-Eco-Stretch up to 400% in 7 stages (patented)

Due to the stable construction, the GL2000 is suitable for wrapping with high speed, which allows an output of up to 100 pallets per hour.

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Prestretch: Up to 400% with Power Echo Stretch

Pre Stretch Machine Roll on a Pallet Wrapper

Pre-stretch EcoStretch

The stretch unit prestretches the film between two rollers rotating at different speeds through a mechanical connection, the exit roller being power assisted.

The exchange between the rollers is constant with stretch ratios in 7 steps between 60 and 300%. The choice of stretch grade depends upon the charac- teristics of the film, the sort of loads and the speed of the turntable.
The Cyklop stretch unit has become a success. With the help of an advanced electronic system, we can maintain a constant wrap tension between unit and pallets, regardless of the size and form of the pallets.

The film tension is chosen to fit the goods to be wrapped. This tension will change automatically if another film type is used. A low wrap tension is applicable to light and delicate loads while a high wrap tension is necessary for heavy, dense loads.

The unit is specially designed for easy and quick change of film.

Functionality of Cyklop Pallet Wrapper


Capacity60-120 pallets per hour
Electrical DataSupply: 3 x 400 V+N+PE, 50 Hz
Loading: 4 kW
Protection: IP54
Pneumatic SupplyCompressed air (no lube): 6 bar
Air flow rate: Approx. 10 l/cycle
Stretch FilmCore diameter: 76,4 mm
Outer diameter, max: 250 mm
Film width, max: 500 mm
Film thickness, Cyklop film: 15-35 my
Weight1200 kg
Dim (mm)ABCD
With ITF3450240037803200
Crated dimensions std machine: L3800 x W2400 x H2850 mm.
Weight 2000 kg.
with ITF
Dim (mm)EFGWeight
Pallet, min400600>500
Pallet Max1200/1400*1200/1000*<2500**
* Option for larger pallet dimensions are available
** Option for pallet heights up to 3100 mm is available.

Operating voltage3/N-, 50 Hz, 230/400 V
Control voltage24 V
Power input2,5 kVA
Air consumptionApprox. 8 NL/pallet, with 6 bar 3/8″ supply

3 Year. Unlimited cycles.
All components covered.