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Abco Kovex offers a comprehensive range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, orbital and ring stretch wrappers to cater for all industries. Our Lantech Stretch Wrapping machines can be tailored to your specific requirements. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the highly efficient and durable Lantech machinery offer you the flexibility to adapt and upgrade machines to suit stretch wrapping requirements and demands. Call us today to find our how our Lantech range can help your business needs.

Lantech stretch wrapping machines supplier in Ireland and the UK


The full range of Lantech Semi-Automatic stretch wrapping machines can be modified to accommodate, weighing scales, label applicators and turntables, above and below floor level. Choose from our two styles, a turntable stretch wrapper and a straddle stretch wrapper. If you’re having trouble deciding between a turntable and a straddle stretch wrapper, you can always call one of our sales representative to help you decide which model is best for you.


Lantech is the manufacturer who invented automatic stretch wrapping technology and continues to this day to be the industry leader in this area. Producing high quality equipment that help your company increase productivity while reducing labour costs. Their machines also improves load integrity and enhancies factory safety. Choose from our wide range of fully automatic stretch wrapping machines.


Abco Kovex Limited is proud to be the largest distributor of Lantech Stretch Wrapping Machines In Ireland and the United Kingdom. We provide equipment, supplies, replacement parts and service.

Using a Lantech Stretch Wrapping Machines in your business can help reduce costs through labour and increase your productivity with Lantech’s superior stretch wrapping equipment.

Weather your business requires a semi-automatic machine like Q-300XT, Q-300 or S-300 or a fully-automatic machine like the S-4000 or Q-Automatic conveyor stretch wrapper, contact Abco Kovex today to talk to one our experts.