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  • Grip Sealed Bags
  • Grip Sealed Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Grip seal bags come in high-quality polyethene material, manufactured in various gauges and sizes. Hence, due to the high-quality, they are reusable thanks to the fastening system. Also, our grip seal bags are food grade.

Additional Benefits

These polyethene bags come in plain or with write-on panels. Thus, the panels are excellent for easy labelling with any pen. These type of bags would be a medium duty. A full-colour print is available. All grip seal polythene bags are recyclable with other polyethene materials. See below details for medium and heavy duty bags; thickness is approximate.

  • Medium Duty = 180 gauge (45 microns).
  • Heavy Duty = 300 gauge (75 microns).

When measuring grip seal bags, the dimensions are presented in width (opening) by length (depth).