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Abco Kovex offers a vast range of protective packaging products to help protect your products. We manufacture our own bubble protection and Veebaord edge protection products at our facilities in Ireland and the UK. We also supply a selection of void filling machines, foam protection products and padded envelopes.

  • Hand popping bubble sheet that is manufactured in Ireland.
  • Large Bubble Roll for packaging protection
  • Bubble Wrap Film Ireland | High Performance Bubble Wrap Dublin | Abco Kovex
  • Bubble Wrap Applications
  • Bubble envelopes in various sizes, ideal for posting.


Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items.

Manufactured in our Swords facility in North Dublin, we supply bubble wrap in various roll sizes and formats along with bubble masks, mailers, bags, foil backed and antistatic bubble.

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  • Best Pallet Edge Protection
  • Reel Cardboard Edge Protection
  • Protect your pallet corners with our edge board.
  • Custom Made Cardboard Edge Protection for all shapes and sizes
  • Edgeboard Custom Sizes | Customized Edge Protection | Paper Packaging | Veeboard | Paper Packaging Ireland | Packaging Dublin | Abco Kovex
  • U shaped edge board available in various sizes


Manufactured in the UK from recycled materials with a wide choice of sizes and finishes, a range of strengths and highly flexible production facilities, our edge board is a widely acknowledged market leader in edge protection in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Foam Rolls and Profiles

Foam rolls and profiles are made from Polyethylene foam. The profiles are used to protect products during storage or transportation, offering both edge and corner protection with excellent stock absorbance for your products.

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  • Instapak Speedy Packer insight factory void filling machine
  • Fillpak M Void Filler
  • Fillpak TT machine for void filling
  • Padpak Senior Void Filling machine

Void Filling Machines

Help protect your goods from damage during shipping with our diverse range of void filling machines including PadPak, FillPak and Sealed Air. Our void filling machines can be integrated in your logistics process ensuring your product is protected at all times, both during transit and when stored.

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  • Polystyrene Loose Fill | Packaging Distribution Ireland | Packaging Dublin | Abco Kovex
  • Polystyrene Loose Fill | Packaging Distribution Ireland | Packaging Dublin | Abco Kovex
  • Polystyrene Loose Fill | Packaging Distribution Ireland | Packaging Dublin | Abco Kovex


Polystyrene loose fill is fully recycable and is one of the most cost effective protective packaging products on the market. Our loose fill is lightweight and   ideal for filling voids in boxes and reducing damage to your products due to movement.

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Padded Envelopes

  • Korvvu Box
  • Cardboard Packaging Box
  • Korvvu Cardboard Box


Korrvu suspension and retention packaging is shipped flat and assembled on-sitewhen required. Providing excellent product presentation and visbility, Korrvu holds your product securely within its frame using elastomeric film to safely entrap the product.

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