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Loose Fill

Polystyrene loose fill comes from 100% recycled content. It is re-usable and 100% recyclable. Hence, this degrades in the presence of microorganisms and it will also degrade within 9-60 months. Also, this material consumes less energy during production and does not attract any rodents.

Moreover, it’s ideally suited for filling the void or space in corrugated boxes. Thus, giving greater protection during transport. Also, they provide superior protection to the most delicate of products. This is due to the interlocking profile of the loose fill chip, together with its high compression strength.

This void fill product is easy to dispense, and it has the flexibility to fill all the space around the product. Supplied in bags of 15 cubic feet (0.4247 cubic metres) for ease of handling. Additionally, they use minimum volume weight, they’re easy to dispense and also dust free.