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FillPak M

Simple Void Fill Solution Offering Speed and Cost Efficiency

The FillPak M converter quickly forms 15″ single-ply, fanfold paper into a PaperStar™ configuration that maximizes volume, for fast, efficient top and side void fill.  Ideal for low volume or individual pack station needs, the compact unit takes up minimal space, and saves time and labor as the material is produced on demand and straight into the box.  Additionally, the FillPak M eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand crumpling of paper.

  • Minimal area for set up and storage; ideal for low volume or individual pack station needs
  • Paper packing material is neatly guided into the box without any overfilling or spillage
  • No motor makes the unit appropriate for non-industrial settings

Width 21.2″
Height 30.8″ – 40″
Weight 9lbs
Cut Modes Manual Tear
Operating Modes Manual Pull

Paper Rolls

Paper Type Width (in.) Basis Weight (lbs.) Length (feet) Weight (lbs.)
Fanfold Box 15* 30** 1660 22

*Also available in 32-lb. white
**Also available in 100% recycled

Paper Pallet

Bundle Type Bundles per Pallet Dimensions (in.) Weight (lbs.)
30lb 65 48 x 40  Depth 1500