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Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping combines the performance and properties of both steel and polypropylene strapping. Also, its elongation and recovery properties help the strap stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking. Hence, polyester strapping offers a viable solution to replace steel strapping products. Further, this product allows for high tensioning and retained strap tension, while being completely recyclable. Moreover, it eliminates the health and safety issues that commonly arise from steel. This strapping receives impact without breaking.

Total job security

Avoid accidents and work losses caused by cuts. Hence, the perfect steel strap replacement. Also, it leaves no marks on strapped products with anticorrosive properties. Resistant to moisture and UV rays, allowing you to store it outdoors for extended periods of time. Greater impact absorption than steel strap. Maintains the tension before possible contractions of the product.

Save while being environmentally friendly

50% savings in each strapping machine compared to the steel strap. More meters per reel equals time-saving. More efficient, faster and cheaper strapping machines. Ecological and 100% recyclable.