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  • Machine stretch film rolls
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Machine Stretch Film

A machine stretch film comes as a transparent plastic sheet presented on a core of different sizes and heights. The material comes from the extrusion of low-density polyethene. In this way, the main material that makes up the stretchable film melts. Hence, resulting in a thin sheet of plastic film. Further, this must be cooled and then coiled for use.

Moreover, we have different types of machine stretch film. The machine or packaging system uses the automatic stretchable pallet wrap. The application of the automatic, transparent film through the use of machines guarantees an application of the material in a uniform way. Available in various colours for added security. From 7 to 50 micron.

Furthermore, the films stretchability and the self-adhesive properties make it suitable for palletizing materials. Also, correctly stabilising or grouping goods for transportation or conservation.