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  • Vanish Stretch Film

Stretch Hoods

High strength and fastener force for the goods on the pallet. Also, excellent protection and stability of the load. Further, strong elongation and recovery properties enable different sized pallets to be hooded with one film. Abco Kovex holds a continuous control throughout the manufacturing process, keeping the strictest quality controls. Moreover, the coextruded materials increase the properties of our films. High puncture resistance protects goods on the pallet.

The possibility of printing in line up to 3 colours. Also, Abco Kovex stocks a wide range of standard retractable material and non-stick products. Hence, capable of adapting to all types of shrink wrapping systems. Shorter film welding cycles result in easier processing:

  • Thinner films and smaller tubes lower material costs
  • High clarity films provided
  • Customised printing available
  • UV inhibitor available