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Stretch Netting

Stretch netting is the best solution to protect products that need proper ventilation inside the cold-hot line. Hence, where previously a mesh was used, now macro perforated film can be employed. Thus, this is much easier to use and does not wind up on the wheels of the trucks as usually happens with the mesh. The film allows the palletized goods to be kept cold, dry and at a constant temperature. Further, it is made of polyethene, entirely recyclable. Easy to apply both manually and in automatic machines.

Vented pallet stretch film which stabilises and unitizes pallets while addressing individual wrapping issues such as condensation or palletizing products that need to cure and cool down. Available in rolls for both hand and machine applications. Suitable for use in sterilisation processes.



Firmly fastening the product

The heating of the product (as is the case of frozen foods, meat, fish, ice cream, etc.).

Quick cool, fast dry and ventilation

The condensation inside the pallet (as is the case of soft drinks, food in cans, beer, etc.).


Treatments after palletizing

Maintain a constant internal temperature