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  • Anti Slip Sheet
  • Pallet Stabilisation
  • Grip Sheets Stabilise Pallets and secure loads

Anti Slip Sheets

Quality of the Product

High non-slip properties. Also, tear and puncture resistant to nails and damaged pallets. Moreover, we find superior rigidity, and further, high compression resistance. Our anti-slip sheets are 100 % recyclable, and suitable for tertiary packaging or indirect food contact.


The corrugated board comes with an anti-slip coating on the top side and the bottom side. Also, the corrugated board is E Flute or B Flute.

Application Use

Stabilise any packaging format. Further, this product supports manual and automated applications. Moreover, while the product is on a pallet, it supports double stacking. These tie-sheets come on a pallet as sheets, but they can also come in rolls with a dispenser.

Benefits of using Antislip interlayer

Eliminates the use of strapping and stretch wrap. Also, various grades and sizes available with fully waterproof sheets possible. Hence, used as an interlayer to stabilise and pack format. Reduces movements and damages of products on a pallet.