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Cargosorb Pole

Cargosorb Poles are used to absorb moisture in containers during transit. The poles are food grade and prevent ‘Cargo Rain’, which can cause mold, stains and nasty smells especially when shipping to high temperature regions. Abco Kovex supply Cargosorb Desiccant Poles, which have one of the highest absorption rates ensuring your product is protected while reducing the amount of poles required.

Cargosorb Poles Advantages

  • High absorption rate of 254%
  • Easy to use, simply unwrap and hang
  • Robost hook
  • Fits in grove of container to avoid obstruction
  • Easy to dispose of in gereral waste
  • Food Grade Approved
  • See through window on bags to view absorption
  • No leakage through Tyvek as water turns to gel
  • Manufactured in DIN approved Facility

CARGOSORB was tested under extreme conditions in a climatic chamber of the interntionally certified lab of BFSV/D Hamburg. Comparitive tests of the water absorption of different container desiccants and their filling quantities taking into account the different filling quantities in grams (fq).