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Container Lashings

The one-way lashing system provides a strong, shock absorbent method to secure cargo during transport. The system supplied carry the Germanischer Lloyd Certification. Lashing Buckles are a load securing lashing system providing a strong, shock absorbent method of securing cargo during transportation.

DS09530mm x 250m white2,000daN
DS10532mm x 250m white2,300daN
DS15038mm x 200m white3,500daN
DS20040mm x 2o0m orange5,000daN

Lashing Buckles

These load buckles for lashing are optimum systems to strengthen the load. Lashing should be used with load buckles to secure products better.

32mm Plate250 pieces
32mm Forged80 pieces
40mm Forged50 pieces

Lashing Tools

  • Heavy Duty ABLASH Tensioner
  • 25mm – 40mm