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shipping container seals


Shipping Container Seals for Tamper Proof. Also, protect your cargo containers, trucks and trailers.
shipping container seals transported for tamper evidence

What is a shipping container seal?

Unrepeatable auxiliary devices, physical and numbered. Thus, they are used to protect and control the handling of any type of good or product during the period of shelter or transport. Also, they are a tool to temporarily seal a container, box, door, valve and more. Hence, they have a number that is used to control or identify the goods transported or stored.

Rules to follow with security seals

All high-security seals that are installed in containers loaded for export must comply with an international standard. This standard is called ISO/PAS 17712. Documented procedures should be established, controlled and reported if violated. Only designated employees install the seals.

Types of Container Seals

Bolt Security Seals

Considered high-security seals, and made from high strength materials, such as metal or steel wire. Also, their intention is to hinder and delay attempts to unduly open the container.

bolt shipping container seals

Cable Security Seals

Security seals with a steel cable, built for the purpose of stopping intrusion attempts on the container. Hence, they offer a limited level of resistance to attempts to open the load.

cable shipping container seals

Plastic Cargo Seals

Made of plastic material. Hence, once used they break easily. Also, emply containers would use these seals or containers moving short distances.

plastic cargo shipping container seals