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  • Pallet slip sheet with a pull push application
  • Cargo with a slip sheet and push pull forklift

Pallet Slip Sheets

Pallet slip sheets are changing the way we ship our products. Hence, they’re designed to eliminate the usage of conventional pallets. So, this method of transportation has a win-win effect.

Manufactured from water resistant Kraft board or recycled PE these thin gauged sheets offer significant benefits over timber pallets

Loading Capacity600kgs900kgs1200kgs1599kgs

Cardboard boxes on a plastic slip sheet


  • Storage of empty pallets vs. slip sheets
  • Yield in truck shipments due to reduced pallet height (50 sheets = 1 wooden pallet)
  • Weight saving over timber
  • Environmental impact
  • Sterilization – cleanliness
  • Significant cost reductions over conventional pallets

Our strategic partners on push and pull equipment are Meijer Handling Solutions..

View our video link to see how these sheets can revolutionize how you ship. To view the video click here..