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Providing tailored solutions

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Continuing to lead the transition to alternative solutions

Plastic pollution is one of the defining environmental challenges of our time. When plastic is used only once or is not properly recycled, it damages our environment, pollutes our oceans and can enter the food chain. We recognise our responsibility to be part of the solution on designing out waste and ensuring less plastic ends up in nature.

Our scale means we can drive change quickly and we are well placed to provide customers with trusted and objective advice on complex issues.

Our commitments

Taking further action on packaging and products


We will support our customers to remove, replace and reduce single use plastics.


We will significantly increase the amount of recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging supplied to our customers to help them meet their targets.


Every single packaging product and disposable in our range will be offered with an alternative that is recyclable, reusable, compostable or renewable.

Leading a shift to alternative packaging materials

The majority of packaging products we supply are recyclable, compostable, renewable or reusable – only 2% of our Group revenue is currently attributable to consumables facing regulation. 83% of of Group revenue is attributable to non-packaging products or packaging products made from alternative materials that are well suited to a circular economy.

We have a strong track record of helping our customers transition to alternatives successfully and we’re well positioned to benefit from the transition to alternative products.


  • Packaging refers to packaging and other products within the foodservice, grocery and retail sectors which are facing legislation or consumer pressure
  • We have exercised our judgement to allocate the sales in 2022 to non-packaging products and the four packaging categories shown
Consumables facing regulation2%
Non-packaging Products64%
Packaging and products made from alternative materials19%
Packaging with an important purpose5%
Packaging with an important purpose10%

The types of packaging and products we supply

Consumable packaging and products facing regulation in the future

Plastic products most commonly being addressed by legislation in our markets (e.g. straws, stirrers, plates, bowls and cutlery).

54% of sales of these products have already transitioned to products made from alternative materials.

Consumable products likely to transition to alternative materials

Plastic products that have measures and legislation in place to control their usage, for example charges for using plastic bags, coffee cups.

45% of all bags sold across the Bunzl Group were paper, compostable or reusable.

Packaging and products made from alternative materials

Recyclable or compostable packaging, made from a renewable resource, for example reusable products such as ‘bags for life’ or refillable coffee cups.

74% of food containers are made from alternative materials.

Supporting a more circular economy

Supporting smart material choices

We develop new packaging strategies for customers and provide alternative products that meet customer targets and product requirements.

Designing for circularity not waste

We’re supporting our customers to adapt to new legislation and transition to recyclable, compostable, renewable and reusable products.

Promote responsible packaging usage

We’re working with our customers to rationalise the products they use.

Supporting closed-loop solutions

We’re supporting our customers’ circular initiatives and recycling practices.

Responsible supply chains

Our unique sourcing and auditing function based in Shanghai allows us to have a thorough level of oversight over our supply chain.

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Taking action on climate change

Our solutions significantly reduce road miles and minimise both our and our customers’ carbon footprint by consolidating deliveries.

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Investing in our people

Our large family of local businesses continuing to support local communities and accelerating their diversity and inclusivity practices.

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