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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is core to Abco Kovex’s strategy

The impacts of our business go far beyond our people, premises and vehicles. And our obligations do too. We believe that everyone is entitled to safe and decent work. Our Global Supply Chain Solutions team based in Shanghai allows us to have a thorough level of oversight over our supply chain.

This is a competitive advantage in our industry, with our 50-strong team regularly auditing direct suppliers to ensure that the products they manufacture are of the highest quality and they are treating their employees fairly.

Our commitments

Taking further action in our supply chain


Our supply chain in Asia is currently covered by direct auditing and assurance practices with 754 audits in Asia completed in 2021.


Expanding our programme to ensure products from all high-risk regions are sourced from assessed and compliant suppliers by 2025.


Continuing to take a proactive, risk-based approach to responsible sourcing, identifying common issues in our supply chain and working closely with suppliers to reduce the future incidences of these.

Our areas of focus and progress

Auditing our supply chain

We and our customers expect the highest quality and labour standards for the products we provide.

Product stewardship

We respect all legal requirements regarding raw materials and manufacturing processes that are relevant to our product ranges.

Respecting human rights

This means building solid and lasting relationships with our suppliers, providing them with support and guidance as well as monitoring their social performance.

Driving broad-based growth

We consider our suppliers to be our partners and strive for them to feel the same about us.

Global supply chain solutions

Find out more about our approach to responsible sourcing and why our Shanghai sourcing office is a critical part of our business.

Providing tailored solutions

Our scale means we can drive change quickly and we are well placed to provide customers with trusted and objective advice on complex issues.

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Taking action on climate change

Our solutions significantly reduce road miles and minimise both our and our customers’ carbon footprint by consolidating deliveries.

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Investing in our people

Our large family of local businesses continuing to support local communities and accelerating their diversity and inclusivity practices.

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