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We are a leading European manufacturer, importer and distributor of packaging materials and machinery in the UK and Ireland. Our goal is to provide complete packaging solutions to industry. Building long term relationships is essential. In addition our aim is to reduce the amount of packaging material you require. We help to ship and protect your products successfully.

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About Abco Kovex

As one of Europe’s leading importers, manufacturers and distributors of packaging materials and machinery we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions for today’s challenging environment.

Our Story

Abco Kovex story began as an amalgamation of Abco Packaging formed in 1987 and Kovex Plastics in the mid 1990s. We have constantly diversified our product range throughout the years to cope with market trends demands and customer requirements. Our aim is to offer the most efficient, cost effective solution to pack, wrap and transport your goods whilst significantly reducing your carbon foot print.

Our headquarters are located in Swords Business Park, Swords, Dublin. Just 2 kilometres from Dublin International airport. Adjacent to the M1, Dublin to Belfast main artery. Based on a 5300 sq. metre facility located on 3 hectares offers excellent storage facilities coupled with swipe and cctv systems for the most confidential of customers.

Distributor Head Office in Dublin, a warehouse where we manufacture bubble wrap and distribute all other packaging materials
An Abco Kovex truck distributing packaging through Dublin Port Tunnel.

We have an experienced team of field sales personnel located throughout Europe, UK and Ireland. We constantly update and train our team with the latest developments and solutions in the packaging sector. With a comprehensive back room staff and dedicated product and customer personnel our sales team are available to help, support and service our customers demands.

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers are all fully qualified and are regularly trained and updated on all the equipment we represent and promote. We have a high quality in house service facility and we have the ability to rework and rebuild systems in house when required. With our engineers available 24 hours on call, we are able to satisfy the most demanding installations.

As an importer, manufacturer and distributor there are several arms to our company. We import and distribute over 4000 tonnes of industrial stretch films. As a large promoter of strapping systems we import and distribute in excess of 1500 tonnes of strapping. By manufacturing our bubble wrap in house we have managed to successfully produce a competitive and effective product for both the home and export market. We pride ourselves in our ability to supply customers when they require. By holding significant stocks of auxiliary items we take the headaches out of long lead times or smaller order quantities that are usually associated with such items. By stocking equipment we have the ability to supply and install machinery within hours if necessary for that unexpected crises.

Entrance to a a distribution and manufacturing company in Ireland

Comprehensive sales team who are constantly trained and updated on a diversity of packaging products

Large stock holding of products to accommodate just in time service, spikes in market prices and unknown demands

Stability – our company has grown organically throughout the years. We have worked with strategic supply partners over long periods of time. Thus providing high quality materials and machinery on a consistent basis

To provide our customers with the most efficient and cost effective way to wrap, pack and ship their products whilst doing our utmost to reduce their carbon foot print

Our engineering team who are creative, innovative and available

Our ability to adapt to our customers requirements – be it location, introducing a new product range or placing our people on site. We appreciate our customers needs and demands and address these accordingly. Offering solutions and building long term relationships

Mission Statement

As a multi product supply company our objective is to create and build long term relationships with our customers.

By specialising in the supply of more than one product this allows Abco Kovex to work closely with our customers. Moreover we aim to strive to improve supply efficiency. Equally to indentify administration frustrations and reduce overall expenditure.

We have a long standing and highly trained team of packaging technologists. In fact with an extensive knowledge and accessibility of worldwide packaging products, techniques and automation. Indeed, we can suggest and provide up to the minute solutions to the most demanding issues you may have.

Abco Kovex specialises in reducing the amount of packaging materials you need. Minimise packaging costs while packing, shipping and protecting your products successfully. As well as introducing new materials, packing configurations and possible automation, we can guarantee that we will provide cost effective solutions whilst reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Our team of packaging consultants are available to visit your facility. Moreover to assess your product requirements and demands. Especially to provide a comprehensive recommendation to your company with a cost effective, efficient and dynamic solution.

Our long standing team will introduce today’s solutions to yesterday’s problems. We will help your company to reduce your use of packaging, eliminate your damages, increase your load retention and security whilst significantly reducing your unit cost.

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Contact us today to discuss how we may pack, wrap and prepare your goods for shipping, whilst significantly reducing your carbon foot print.