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Tailored solutions for a brighter future

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Abco Kovex has consistently delivered personalised solutions to its customers, and this commitment remains unchanged when it comes to advancing sustainability.

With our extensive global reach, profound expertise, adaptability, and unwavering dedication, we are actively engaged in resolving the challenges confronting society both now and in the future. Whether it entails empowering our customers to innovate, enhancing our operational efficiency, or collaborating with communities and stakeholders to effect positive change.

We recognize our pivotal role as an influential pioneer in the journey towards a more sustainable and just tomorrow.

Delivering value to our customers

Tailoring alternative products for customers

We help customers find innovative solutions to reduce their plastic footprints. We recently worked with a UK grocer to design a successful alternative to the plastic domes they used for hot rotisserie items, replacing this with a new bag which removed the difficult-to-recycle black plastic, reduced the weight of the packaging and improved logistical efficiency.

Differentiating our offer with sustainability

Our capabilities differentiate us and drive a very compelling offer for our clients. This helped us win a new contact, supporting a facilities management company in the UK, Andron. In addition to improved logistics that will reduce the overall carbon footprint of the service they receive, we also provide a closed-loop solution where product containers are collected and sent back to the factory to be washed, refilled and reused.

Helping customers meet their targets

We have developed proprietary material footprint reports that provide customers with the information they need to report progress against their packaging commitments accurately. Using these tools to work closely with our customers gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate the alternative solutions we can offer that would help them meet their recyclability targets or the requirements of new legislation.

Our areas of focus

Providing tailored solutions

Our scale means we can drive change quickly and we are well placed to provide customers with trusted and objective advice on complex issues.

Responsible supply chains

Our unique sourcing and auditing function based in Shanghai allows us to have a thorough level of oversight over our supply chain.

Taking action on climate change

Our solutions significantly reduce road miles and minimise both our and our customers’ carbon footprint by consolidating deliveries.

Investing in our people

Our large family of local businesses continuing to support local communities and accelerating their diversity and inclusivity practices.

As an importer, manufacturer and distributor there are several arms to our company. We import and distribute over 4000 tonnes of industrial stretch films. As a large promoter of strapping systems we import and distribute in excess of 1500 tonnes of strapping. By manufacturing our bubble wrap in house we have managed to successfully produce a competitive and effective product for both the home and export market. We pride ourselves in our ability to supply customers when they require. By holding significant stocks of auxiliary items we take the headaches out of long lead times or smaller order quantities that are usually associated with such items. By stocking equipment we have the ability to supply and install machinery within hours if necessary for that unexpected crises.

Entrance to a a distribution and manufacturing company in Ireland

Comprehensive sales team who are constantly trained and updated on a diversity of packaging products

Large stock holding of products to accommodate just in time service, spikes in market prices and unknown demands

Stability – our company has grown organically throughout the years. We have worked with strategic supply partners over long periods of time. Thus providing high quality materials and machinery on a consistent basis

To provide our customers with the most efficient and cost effective way to wrap, pack and ship their products whilst doing our utmost to reduce their carbon foot print

Our engineering team who are creative, innovative and available

Our ability to adapt to our customers requirements – be it location, introducing a new product range or placing our people on site. We appreciate our customers needs and demands and address these accordingly. Offering solutions and building long term relationships